Centre for Gender Studies

Gender studies is a relatively recent academic discipline aimed at the research of constructions and meanings of femininity and masculinity and the impact of sex differences on the development and production of knowledge. This objective functions as the point of departure for researchers from a variety of disciplines.

Research is not necessarily confined to the boundaries of one's own field, as theories, methods and insights are deployed from other disciplines and collaboration across field specialisms is striven for.

These guiding principles have resulted in the interdisciplinary character of the Centre for Gender Studies (formerly Women's Studies) at Ghent University in both its make-up and activities. Academic staff from different faculties are represented and involved in the Centre as is apparent from the list of members.

The future objective is to expand this cooperation to other departments and faculties. The interdisciplinary character of gender studies is also emphasised in the research projects and colloquia that are supported by (members of) the Centre.

The themes presented every year in lectures at the Gender Forum derive from divergent academic disciplines and are geared towards a general audience. Various members of the Centre lecture in the interuniversity postgraduate programme in Women's Studies at the University of Antwerp and the graduate interdisciplinary courses Introduction to gender studies I and II at Ghent University.

Publications of the The Centre for Gender Studies are available at Academia Press.

With the project UGender an equal opportunities policy for women and men will be initiated at Ghent University in 2005-2006.

Finally, the Centre also functions as an information and documentation centre on gender studies-related research for students, the press and any others interested.

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